Difficult Beauty Technology

Founder, Brian Chu, established Difficult Beauty originally to seek contractor work in the IT sector.
In the beginning, the company did not have many activities for more than a decade as the founder, Brian Chu, had been working as a full time employee instead of a contractor.
After about 20 years working full time in IT, our founder decided to activate the brand - Difficult Beauty - in 2022.
Difficult Beauty Technology started up as a one-person company.
Difficult Beauty utilizes automated evolving pattern programming (AEPP) to produce bug-free applications. The goals are to increase reliability, speed up production, and reduce cost by automating laborious and repetitive programming tasks.
The key ingredient to programming automation is "Highly Normalized Database Design".
Our mission is to provide our customers with the most reliable backend/back-office software with our most efficient User Interface (called "Unit Vector UI"), while providing sockets for a third-party GUI to plug in when needed.
At Difficult Beauty, we do the difficult, you do the beautiful.
Difficult Beauty does not work with Terrorist organizations, Criminal affiliates, or Dictatorship government agents.