Our "Partner Program" help our customers develop their own 100% proprietary application for their exclusive use or sales. Difficult Beauty would like to honour such an entrepreneur with 50% price payment plan.
Our 50% price payment plan will require you to pay 50% of regular price at each phase or project sign-off. The other 50% will be paid when your application becomes a success.
This is our way to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality.

Project is subject to approval.
Difficult Beauty Technology will estimate the cost of each phase and its final project cost.
At the end of each phase, Difficult Beauty Technology will review and revise the projected final cost with you to prevent cost-overrun.
If the projected final cost is becoming too great, you have the choice to terminate the project early and pay the almost-minimal wage for the effort spent. See our prices for details.
Enter the Partner program. We are here to help.